New IHSAA Rankings in 2024

Beginning in the spring of 2024, the IHSAA will begin using a ranking committee to develop pods and brackets for the post-season, and State Tournament. No longer will it rely on Bound's ELO system, at least not entirely. Instead, the ranking committee made up of former coaches, media personnel, and Todd Tharp & Chris Cuellar (of the IHSAA) will determine the top 10 teams in each class. These rankings will begin during week 3 or week 4 of the regular season. 

Bound's ELO Ranking System

There are two formulas used in a process that assigns points to a winning team from a losing team in the ELO rating system. The number of points taken are based on whether the rating scores of each team are close or not and what the probability of winning is for each team.  Every team starts with 1,000 points as a rating score. If you win games, your rating goes up. If you lose games, your rating goes down. The number of points earned and lost during games is determined based on the two formulas.  The maximum number of points one team can gain or lose is 30. The number of points earned and lost also fluctuates as more games are played. 

To learn more, please review the document below (from Bound).

Bound's ELO Ranking System